Robust protein interaction analysis made easy

Quantify binding affinity, size, concentration and stoichiometry in solution, all at once

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MDS allowed us to obtain unique information that helped us elucidate, for the first time, the way antibody therapeutics bind to different forms of their targets.

Sara Linse

Professor, Lund University

Discover Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS)

A new class of in-solution protein interaction measurement


MDS gives one simple and direct measurement – protein molecular size. When binding occurs, changes in protein size are monitored and used to determine binding affinity and calibration-free concentration or binding stoichiometry.

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Meet Fluidity One-M

Robust results. Simple to run.

The Fluidity One-M system uses MDS technology to bring a new and complementary tool to your analytical characterization toolbox.

Measure with confidence and flexibility regardless of targets and backgrounds, with a simple mix-and-measure workflow.

  • Binding affinity (KD), concentration, stoichiometry, and size, all at once
  • Immobilization-free
  • Purification-free
  • Maintenance-free

How can MDS help you?

Better results, faster and more easily

Accelerate protein interaction analysis across a wide range of research areas

Membrane protein characterization & quantification

Serum antibody concentration & affinity

Monoclonal therapeutic antibody characterization​

Affinity & stoichiometry of amyloid species

Quality control of reagents & protein activity

Organ transplant recipient immunoprofiling​

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